The Assassin

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Make Love, Not War? If they only could.

The war becomes personal for Abdul, the deadly Al-Quaeda assassin who survives the Special Ops raid in Afghanistan. He vows that no matter where the lone American soldier who brought it about may go, Abdul will find him and get his revenge.

War hero Luke Tyler thinks he has left the war behind when he returns home to marry his college sweetheart,  but foreign terrorists and power hungry politicians bring it crashing right back. The young couple try to avoid the danger escalating around them, but that all changes when Abdul shows up.  Suddenly the war becomes very personal for them as well.
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The Assassin

War hero Luke Tyler returns home to his college sweetheart, only to endanger them both in a life and death struggle with foreign terrorists and United Nation operatives attempting to sway the U.S. political balance. Can their faith and love, or even their very lives, survive the danger and political intrigue that surround them?

The Assassin is the story of Luke and Carla and their great love of God, country, and each other. It is the story of great courage on the battlefields of Afghanistan as well as in the hills of southwest Washington State. It is the story of great joy and great fear, of treachery and murder at the highest levels. It is the story of the beginning of the fall of the United States. It is the story of the assassin.

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