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Bob Zerfing believes that among other things, the strength of a nation is found in its citizens being willing to help each other. This ideal is often manifested in the various non profit charities and mission organizations and the people who support them. In that light, Bob Zerfing Books has designated 25% of the total purchase price to be donated to any 501(c)(3) charity or mission organization  where a buyer at bobzerfing.com has designated that non profit’s promo code. Bob Zerfing Books will also provide the buyer with a 15% discount (20% through January 2015) to reward them for supporting the charity or mission.
Here’s how it works.
The 501(c)(3) charity or mission organization must register with Bob Zerfing Books by emailing promo@zerfing.com. Upon verification of their 501(c)(3) status, a promo code will be emailed back to them which they can share with their supporters or put on their website. Each time a purchase is made on bobzerfing.com using that promo code, it will be recorded along with the email address of the buyer. At the end of each month, a detailed accounting will be mailed to the charity or mission organization along with a donation covering all of the purchases made that month using that promo code.
For more information or to register, email promo@zerfing.com. Be sure to include a contact name, phone number, mailing address, and EIN number when registering.

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Bob Zerfing Books encourages you to support one of the charities and mission organizations below by entering their promo code when purchasing books and/or by visiting their web site.

Promo Code

  • b1.2g    Be One Together    www.beonetogether.com        Christian Mission
  • Test      Test mission           www.zerfing.com                   Test Account – Do not use