Come on now. We all know that it would be impossible for the United States to be occupied by a foreign army. Right? Well, maybe not. Though it is fiction, the U.N. Covenant series written by Bob Zerfing makes it all seem quite easy. Follow Luke Tyler and his friends as they come to grips with this new reality and take steps to deal with it.
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Picture this. The president and congress sign a treaty with the United Nations turning the war against terrorism over to the U.N. military. It is a global problem after all. When a wave of terrorism sweeps over America, hordes of U.N. soldiers come after them. The president orders the U.S. military and law enforcement agencies to stand down and let the U.N. authorities handle it. However, tensions rise as more attacks occur and the U.N. troops ramp up their efforts. Innocent Americans who protest against these efforts are often detained (or worse) for resisting the authorities.
Are you one who would step aside like the president asks because it is for the “common good”, or are you one who, like Luke and his friends, decide to protest? If protesting isn’t enough or is suppressed, would you fight? That is the decision Luke and Carla, a peace loving pastor and his wife, must decide.
The U.N. Covenant is a three book series by Bob Zerfing. The third and final book will be available soon.

Bob Zerfing